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This episode of The Good Wife centered around a death penalty case. A man was scheduled to be executed at midnight, but Alicia got a call from a clerk who implied that there was an addendum the firm could file to help stave off the execution, or at least delay it.

This set into motion a number of phone calls and investigations. Cary got involved because he knew the clerk from a former job. Will gave out assignments at the office. Blake chased down a lead.

In the end, Kalinda found the arson expert who testified at the trial and got him to admit there was a possibility that the guy was innocent. At the last minute, right after Diane had arranged for the convict's daughter to get a glimpse of her dad, the firm succeeded at getting the man a re-trial. It was exciting, tense stuff.


- Alicia mentioned to Will that it would be nice if they talked at some point.

- Kalinda told Alicia that Blake was threatening to expose her past life, but said no more.

- Grace embraced religion more, praying with a friend at home.

- Peter was asked during his live debate about the state of his marriage and cursed the reporter off.

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