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A masseuse shows up at the law firm this week and accues a Nobel Prize winner, who does work on behalf of women in the Congo, of sexual assault. His name is Joe Kent and the partners have a few hours to decide if they want to take the case on before she tries another firm.

Diane is the most hesitant, as she's a major believer in this man's cause - but she also just wants to get at the truth. She actually asks Blake, on her own, to find intel on the accuser and he does so by breaking into her apartment in a rather obvious way.

Kalinda is also tracking down information on behalf of the firm, while Alicia talks with the potential client and appears to believe her.

This is all taking place while the gala is going on actress the street, and Peter is involved in interesting developments there: he gets rebuffed by Wendy Scott-Carr in his attempt have her run with him; and he gets approached by Eli with an offer from Kent's attorney. His client wants to endorse Peter, but only if he can get Alicia's firm to not take the harassment case. Peter, to his credit, turns this deal down - but Kent back him anyway because it pressures Peter a bit to not want his wife to make this man out to be a sexual deviant.

Peter also has his hands on Alicia's phone because she left it behind. He sees many texts from Will and also a voicemail that has been saved for 86 days. He starts to play it, but gets interrupted.

Back at the firm... Kent's wife calls Diane and asks her not to take on the lawsuit because it would kill her husband's work abroad. It's also discovered that Cary actually told the woman to go to the firm and tells the to also look into another masseuse. Kalinda learns that this woman was also harassed by Kent, but did not file charges.

The partners are ready to go through with it, but the woman backs out at the last moment because she doesn't want her life turned upside down and explored.

The Good Wife
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