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Mamie Gummer returns as Nancy Crozier on this episode of The Good Wife, doing battle in court with Alicia on the case of whether a documentary fillmmaker can be held responsible for a suicide.

Alicia eventually calls in Caitlin to assist because the judge is clearly biased toward attractive blondes. And Caitlin does SO well that Diane promotes here, which takes Alicia aback a bit. But Diane needs all the litigators she can get with Will suspended.

He does end up returning to the office to close the episode, at least, although he can't practice law. But not to worry, he'll have plenty to do there; i.e. fending off advances from Eli, Julius and David Lee to replace his name in the law firm title.


- We briefly learned more about Kalinda's tax case. It says the businesses from which she claims to have reported income don't exist.

- Peter made patronage moves to help with his Governor run, forcing Cary to demote a co-worker in favor of one of Peter's friends.

- Will's sisters came to down and gave him grief over his single life.

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