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-Colin Sweeney is accused of sexual misconduct just as he is trying to win back control of his company. Isobel, a former employee says he fathered her child.

-Sweeney denies everything but lies on the stand. Later he admits to Alicia that he and Isobel did have oral sex but that the child isn't his.

-David Lee suspects that Isobel used a turkey baster to use Sweeney's sperm to get pregnant when the DNA test proves that the child is his. 

-In the end, Isobel and Sweeney come to an agreement. She admits that Sweeney's corporate nemesis put her up to the ruse and Sweeney and Isobel will raise their child together.

-Caitlin resigns from the firm because she is getting married and is pregnant. Alicia tries to convince her to stay but she says this is the right decision for her.

-Peter investigates inappropriate sexual relations in his workplace and finds that a supervisor and a subordinate had sex on the couch in his office. He has them fired. 

-Cary confesses that he had a relationship with Dana before she was demoted. Peter wants to let it go but Cary encourages him to take it seriously or else they will both lose respect within the office.

-Alicia's building is going condo and she will either have to buy her apartment or move. The home she lived in with Peter and the children is on the market. She takes a very emotional tour of it and is torn about what to do.

The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Can you guarantee he won't kill anyone in the next five minutes?


Others may find your cynicism bracing, Mrs Florek but I find it charming.