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This episode was really all about the introduction of Lisa Edelstein as Celeste Cerrone, the opposing council in a suit Will and Alicia were forced to mediate. She tried to use her knowledge of Will to gain leverage in the case.

We learn that Celeste dated Will for two years and the pair appeared to have gambled together. After Lockhart/Gardner wins the amount they were looking for, Celeste admits to Will that she needs a new job because her firm is folding.


- Zach admits to his uncle that his dad was kicked out because he slept with someone else. Alicia then learns of this conversation between Zach and Peter.

- Cary acts unhappy with how Kalinda has taken advantage of his feelings in the past in order to milk him for information.

- Eli and Diane sort of team up on the crisis management case of a cheese company. She's the client's counsel, he's the PR manager and they clash over the law versus the image of their client.

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