The Good Wife Review: The Ex Files

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On a lesser show, Celeste Serrano would have come on board as the ex of main character. That character would have been flustered and confused and perhaps a little flirty. That character's girlfriend would have been jealous and full of questions.

On The Good Wife, however, Will reacted to the introduction of Lisa Edelstein's Celeste with nonchalant focus. There may be a lot more ahead for these two, but come on, Celeste. You thought you could throw Will Gardner off his game during a case? You thought he'd care about anything other than the success of his firm?

I thought you knew this lawyer well.

Lisa Edelstein on The Good Wife

"Get a Room" was mostly dedicated to the debut of Edelstein, and I enjoyed the episode for the reasons hinted at above. It avoided the cliche of an ex coming in and immediately causing problems for Will and Alicia.

Quite the opposite took place, in fact, as Celeste's presence simply drew these two closer, Alicia reacting to Will's admission that he dated Serrano for two years with acceptance, sex and scheming. This is a mature relationship, even if Alicia and Will are still keeping it a secret. It's also one isn't above workplace manipulation, as evidenced by Alicia playing the fake jealousy card and walking out of the mediation room.

That was pretty cool.

Of course, Alicia didn't think so, not when later called out for her action by the mediator (the always-enjoyed Isiah Whitlock Jr. from The Wire and Cedar Rapids). Between her professional secret (Will) and her personal secret (Will) and her discovery that Peter was actually honest with Zach about his dalliances, Alicia is swimming in moral greyness these days. Will is comfortable there. Alicia is not.

She's also not prude, Owen. Trust us.

Elsewhere, I prefer my Eli Gold to be sarcastic, laid back and snarky. He was too angry this week, although I can never get enough of intelligent professionals having heated, adult arguments that lead to mutual respect and not petty bickering. That's where we were left this week between Eli and Diane. It also might be the fact that I'm an attorney's son (and brother... and nephew... and grandson), but I actually find the nuances of the law interesting, such as what words a client can or cannot say in public.

Overall, this installment mostly planted Celeste-related seeds. She'll be back for at least two more episodes in a role that's a fun departure from Edelstein's hospital administrator on House. Whereas Cuddy typically reacted to that title character's behavior, Celeste is far more proactive. She's strong and confident and will likely shed interesting (shady?) light on Will's past, which was first teased in his interactions with Blake as not always being above level.

Prepare yourself, viewers. And Alicia.

Get a Room Review

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