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Alicia and Diane take on the case this week of a judge who gets banned from the bench due to an error he made as a prosecutor 20 years ago. The firm eventually clears his name, but by passing the blame to a former associate who had a drug problem back in the day.

It wasn't the cleanest victory in the history of Lockhart/Gardner.


- Cary returned to the firm! He actually got himself fired by Peter because he took an interview without telling his boss, but he still ended up back when he started by episode's end. Although he had to leave his welcome back party because Peter was calling. Hmmm...

- Lamond Bishop threatened Kalinda because her FBI pal approached him in relation to Kalinda's tax issues. when Kalinda desperately asked Lana to pull back, she said it was her job and she couldn't do so.

- Will's relationship with Callie heated up a bit.

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