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- The case the firm is working on ends up having evidence issues that rely on spousal privilege. The two defendants argue that their conversations heard on the wiretaps with their spouses are protected due to the privilege. The CEO's conversations with his wife are ruled as protected, which causes the case against him to be thrown out. The Lockhart/Gardner defendant was married in another state in a same-sex marriage, so they had to argue that this marriage should also have spousal privilege. The court ruled that because of the Defense of Marriage Act, a same-sex couple does not have protection under the spousal privilege. 

- Jeremy Breslow, a Supreme Court lawyer, joins the case in hopes of taking it to the Supreme Court. He works against Alicia and Diane, who want their defendant to win. In the end, Alicia uses the wiretap conversations between the CEO and his wife to help win their case. Those conversations are no longer protected, since the CEO isn't a defendant.

- Alicia's mother, Veronica, comes to town for Thanksgiving and to deal with her deceased husband's will. She is accused of cheating on her husband, which made him change his will. Both Veronica and Owen lie about what happened and she ends up getting her the inheritance.

- During Thanksgiving dinner with Alicia, Peter, their kids, Veronica, Owen, Jackie and Cristian, Alicia and Peter escape to the bathroom and have sex.

- Cary came out of the attack with a bruised eye at least, though he tells people at the firm he got it from playing basketball.

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