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- Will is back in court for the first time since his suspension. It's a wrongful death suit against the Chicago Police department. A guy attended the NATO summit protests and died from being hit with a taser 3 times. Will has the opportunity to settle for $800,000 but declines because he is sure he will win. That is until the jury starts submitting questions that go against his case. While investigating the jurors, Kalinda finds the evidence they need to win the case. The police officer thought the guy had been marked as dangerous with a pink sticker, but it was a pink smiley button. The city settles for $3.5 million.

- The trustee starts making staff reductions and asks Alicia for her opinion, but she doesn't feel comfortable with that.

- Diane asks Alicia to meet with the owner, Maddie Hayward, of the building to see if the firm could get a rent reduction at Maddie's request. Alicia agrees, but Maddie is more interested in hearing about Alicia's relationship with Peter. Maddie is a feminist and supports female candidates for office, but approaches Peter's campaign to donate. She later asks Alicia out for drinks because she wants to be friends.

- Kalinda is in a mess with her husband. He threatens her, but she sticks around for ice cream and more. He gets upset with he is released from the firm as a client.

- Alicia goes on the campaign trail with Peter. They laugh and have a good time on the bus.

The Good Wife
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