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- Kalinda is confronted at her apartment by a friend of her ex-husband. Then, her ex-husband shows up at firm as a client. Kalinda attacks him in the elevator and they fight before ending up in bed at her apartment. Kalinda threatens him and tells him to leave town.

- Zach is pulled over on the way home from visiting colleges. The cop uses his drug dog to sniff for drugs. The cop decides to let them off with a ticket until he notices that Zach is recording the conversation and arrests him. In court, Alicia accuses the cop of profiling them, then moves to dismiss the charges because Zach did not record any audio. Video recording is not illegal. The Da changes the charges to Obstruction of Justice. Peter finds out and threatens the State's Attorney in the county. The case gets more complicated when Zach finds others who had been wrongly pulled over. Alicia accuses the police department of wrong-doing. The States Attorney confronts Peter about Alicia's moves in court. In the end, the case gets dismissed when Zach posts the dashcam video on YouTube.

- The firm is having financial difficulties and file for bankruptcy protection. The court appoints a Trustee to oversee the firm's operations. The Trustee tries to get Diane and Will to turn on each other, but it doesn't work. They stand by each other as the two named partners. The Trustee tells Lee that if he leaves the firm, he will only get cents on the dollar as a creditor, which forces him to stay with the firm. Lee's business is necessary for the firm to survive.

The Good Wife
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