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Will surprises his colleagues with his intensity for building the firm after recent events.

Diane prepares for what she thinks is her last case as a lawyer.

Will is having sexual relations with a young blonde with tattoos.

Marilyn shows up at Alicia's to discuss ethics issues that might effect the governor's office.

A Lockhart/Gardner client asks for a change of representation on the first day of motions.

Marilyn shows up at Alicia's again, and gets sick in her bathroom, telling her she's pregnant.

Will sends the contents of the fourth years' desks to them instead of the client's files.

Will wants each partner to select one name each from competing firms to acquire new litigators from competing firms. He then goes into the hallway and makes out with the blonde.

Florrick/Agos take Will before the disciplinary board to get the files.

Diane realizes she may be being overlooked for the supreme court position.

Someone at Lockhart/Gardner calls Alicia with information she overhears between Diane and Kurt that could win their case that she will give to them if she can join the new firm.

Alicia gets annoyed that Grace continues to get chummy with the associates.

Other Cary tells Cary that Alicia will want to join another firm in town.

Marilyn bends Cary's ear about Chum Hum in regard to the Governor's office.

Alicia visits Kurt McVeigh's office to try to hire him, and Grace looks at all of his guns.

Lockhart/Gardner sends redacted files to Florrick/Agos.

Will gets a tattoo.

Kurt tells Diane he's going to testify for Alicia and Diane tells him it's not fair.

Diane breaks down when Kalinda confirms that other judges are being vetted.

Kurt gives new evidence to Alicia that should free the man accused of murder. It doesn't.

Marilyn and Alicia have a chat and Alicia tells Marilyn that Peter didn't know about Chum Hum because they were having sex.

Marilyn admits she received an anonymous tip about the Governor using his role to help Florrick/Agos.

Will's lover Isobel brings up having a baby twice.

Lockhart/Gardner requests a $120,000 fee for the files since the case was taken on a contingency basis.

The client goes back to Lockhart/Gardner.

Peter calls Diane to tell her there she's no longer being considered.

While Florrick/Agos squabbles over joining the tax attorneys, Lockhart/Gardner buys them out.

The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Alicia: What do you need?
Marilyn: I just need to take your firm through a short PowerPoint on the ethical rules of start-ups.

To Florrick/Agos, we are doing our best to process your request and in the meantime please accept the contents of your desks as a good will gesture. Will Gardner, Managing Partner