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Will confronts Alicia about her plans to leave the firm on this episode of The Good Wife.

As will walks down the hall, remembering Alicia in their most intimate moments.
Will has all files shut down and shuts out all associates.
Alicia asks Zach to access all files via the cloud.
Cary is fired a second time.
Alicia is removed from her position at Lockhart & Gardner.
Kalinda stabs her old friends in the back.
Will decides to go to court to get an injunction against the new firm contacting any of the old clients.
Bible study and Florrick/Agos both share the Florrick house for meetings.
Diane goes to Eli to cover herself with regard to her actions against Alicia as to how it might affect her judgeship and Eli assures her that personal relationships don't factor into gubernatorial decisions.
Florrick/Agos gets a restraining order against Lockhart & Gardner meeting with Chum Hum.
Diane shows up at Alicia's with a proposition that would give both firms the opportunity to turn Chum Hum.
Chum Hum chooses Lockhart & Gardner because of Alicia's ties with the governor.
Peter adds an impromptu portion to a press conference about taxation on internet purveyors.
Chum Hum decides to go with Florrick/Agos & Associates.
Peter asks Eli for another list of possible supreme court justice candidates.
The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Will: I took you in. I hired you. I pushed for you.
Alicia: Will, this was a business decision.
Will: You were poison!

Will, I know this is hard. Document everything!