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Will and Alicia ask for separate juries when they each represent half of a couple accused of drug smuggling, instead they are granted a double jury trial.

Peter and Eli try to determine who leaked the video, and Peter says Will showed up at his hotel on election night to show him a video. He did not look at it. They wonder if Lockhart/Gardner could be angry enough to bring it up now.

Both sides decide to dig into the other side's defense. 

Robyn learns they might have an opportunity to get a client of Lockhart/Gardner's who is feeling ignored.

Eli doesn't know if his directions to Mike Moody might have been misconstrued as saying to do something illegal. They were short ballots in a district and they needed to do whatever it takes to get the vote out.

The jurors argue about their seating and the size of their jury rooms. 

Robyn and Kalinda both end up at a witnesses house asking questions. She was a flight attendant who saw two women in flight in the restroom together.

Eli talks to the man who moved the ballot box and tells him it stops at him and he wasn't there. 

Kalinda doesn't know how to be a friend, but Cary knows that and sets her up with an old trick.

Will doesn't back up Alicia when she tells the judge that they saw two jurors talking.

Marilyn asks Alicia about the ballots and Alicia asks Peter if he knew about what was happening with them. He does not seem convincing. Since Zach testified about the ballots, he will be required to testify again in federal court. Alicia tells Peter she will not let that happen and to fix it.

Kalinda goes to Cary's and asks him if they're even and if they can get a drink. He says yes to both.

The witness ends up being the likely culprit as the drug smuggler and the Lockhart/Gardner case is won.

Marilyn ask Will whether he told Peter about the ballot box video and he refuses to answer on the grounds of attorney/client privilege. Marilyn asks him to waive the right and he wants to speak with Peter. Marilyn is unhappy. 

Will bribes Peter with how things went down with the judgeship with Diane. 

Florrick/Agos' client might lose.

Marilyn's conclusion is that she cannot draw a conclusion.


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