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Howard wants Alicia to take him on as a client against the law firm in an agism case. Alicia bluntly tells Howard that he doesn’t have a case because they have cause to fire him because he doesn’t do any work. When he leaves her apartment he meets Jackie. Later Howard calls Alicia and asks for Jackie’s phone number. He wants to ask her out. The two go out and have a wonderful time. 

The campaign demands more time from Alicia. Ruth tells Eli that he needs to get Alicia and her mother to agree to go on a cooking show together. She also gives Eli the tiniest office possible. Eli tells Alicia to go on the show and to be herself.

Diane convinces the firm to give Alicia their overflow cases in a show of good faith. Later, David Lee hears Howard call Alicia about his agism case. Diane is furious and confronts Alicia but Alicia can’t tell her anything without breaking attorney client privilege. The firm contemplates firing Howard because he brings in no business but Howard turns around and brings in a huge multi-millionaire dollar client thanks to Jackie’s contacts. 

On the cooking show, Veronica has been drinking and picks a fight with Alicia on the air. Ruth is furious. 

Alicia takes on a new client from Bond Court, Roland Hlavin. Roland was arrested for making a synthetic drug similar to GHB but it isn’t GHB, therefore it’s not actually an illegal drug. Alicia is representing Roland while Luca is representing the man from whom he bought the chemicals to make the drug. 

Alicia explains to Roland that if he says he intended to make actual GHB but failed then she can get the case dismissed on a technicality but Roland can’t stand to be called a failure in court and the case continues.

Grace digs into Roland’s past and finds out he doesn’t exist. None of the information he’s given Alicia or the court is correct. She finds a photo of him working with FBI agents. Alicia wants to know who he is but Roland won’t tell her. Instead he blackmails her into continuing to be his attorney by threatening to tell the judge that she told him to lie on the stand. 

Since Luca came up with the catch 22 strategy, she wonders if she can trust her and asks for their two cases to be severed. Luca is angry. Alicia confides in Eli that her client is an FBI agent and worries that she’s being set up. Later, Roland finally tells her that he is FBI but the sting operation isn’t about her, it’s about the judge. He will be offered a bribe to dismiss the case. When Eli tells Alicia that he’s going to publicize the possible sting to protect her and Peter, Alicia tells him that it isn’t about them, but the judge. 

Later, Alicia asks the judge for a dismissal but the judge denies her request. Roland believe Alicia tipped him off when it was actually Eli who tipped off the judge in order to get his help later against the Democratic Chairman, Frank Landau. 

The Good Wife
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