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Stewart is excited for Ethan to be on stage crew for his school play, but Dean makes Ethan consider acting. 

Stewart is upset that Ethan doesn't want to be on the crew like he was and Deb tries to help him accept it. 

Stewart asks his dad for advice on a case in which everyone thinks they should settle. 

Dean gives Ethan acting lessons. 

Ethan doesn't get the part. Stewart tries to encourage him to go back to the stage crew, but Dean doesn't want to let it go. 

Dean goes to talk to the drama teacher and find out that he beat him out for a role in high school. Dean thinks he's taking his resentment out on Ethan. 

Dean asks his dad for advice and he tells him to swing for the fences. 

Stewart tries to get Ethan excited about crew again, but it doesn't work. 

Stewart doesn't want to settle anymore and uses the advice his dad gave to Dean to break the case. 

Stewart joins Dean's plan to hack into the teacher's computer for information on the auditions. They find out he deleted Ethan's audition. 

Dean and Stewart ask the principal to let Ethan audition again for him. The principal agrees with his teacher, but only because he was being blackmailed. Stewart overhears and Ethan gets the part. 


The Grinder
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The Grinder Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Deb: A little dose of failure is not the worst thing in the world. You know, you get scuffed up a little bit, it's life.
Stewart: Oh where'd you learn that, on the wrong side of the tracks?
Deb: Okay, you know what, North Boise has some very rough patches.

Dean: I was the star quarterback on the school team and the week before the state championship I broke my ankle.
Ethan: In practice?
Dean: No, without going into too much detail I was having sex with the hottest girl in school in her parent's shower and I slipped.