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Dean shows a romantic episode of The Grinder to Claire. 

Stewart thinks a couple only wants to be friends with them to get close to Dean. Deb thinks they actually want to be friends with them and wants to invite them to dinner. 

Todd feels threatened by Claire when Stewart gives her a case over him. 

Dean asks Deb for advice on Claire and she tells him to be humble. He pretends to be talking to a charity on the phone in order to impress her, but she doesn't buy it. 

The neighbors come over for dinner and Dean walks in in the middle. They say they had no idea he was his brother and then invite everyone to a fundraiser. 

Deb wants to attend the fundraiser and keep an open mind about their new friends. They're upset when Stewart and Deb arrive without Dean. They tell them about a dying child who's dream is to meet Dean. Stewart calls Dean and asks him to come. 

Dean Sr. asks Todd to give up his office to Claire and take her cubicle instead. 

Lizzie and Ethan both use their Uncle Dean to their advantage. Lizzie only makes the basketball team because he agrees to come to her games. 

Dean finally realizes he needs to put the work in to impress Claire, and he makes a discovery to help her case. 



The Grinder
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The Grinder Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Deb: Who's Claire?
Stewart: She's a new attorney I hired. She has no interest in him and he's never seen anything like it.
Dean: Well it's kind of incredible.

Dean: I'm taking your advice. I'm going to talk to Claire about work and I'm going to let the fact that she's falling in love with me be the subtext.
Stewart: Why don't you just work on the case and then let the subtext be that you're working on the case.
Dean: Deb, explain it to him. He's not getting it.