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June is burying something in the snow outside the house. It's the gun she got from Vicky.

Serena is on a plane. It appears she received her wish to bury Fred in Gilead. She's greeted by Nick and Commander Lawrence. She's got quite the attitude going on and uses it to speak on Fred's behalf as she speaks to Nick.

They aren't too eager to have her back, but she pushes it, demanding what happened to Fred. She's looking for answers to who helped June get to Fred.

Aunt Lydia is talking to a new class of handmaids. Janine is helping her with Esther, who isn't taking it as seriously as she probably should. But that's only with Janine. Aunt Lydia allows Janine to accompany Esther as her minder. The Putnams have asked for a new handmaid. Janine wonders if the Putnams choose her if she can visit. Honey, don't get ahead of yourself, Aunt Lydia says.

Fred's memorial is already going when Serena arrives at the Putnams. This is Mark's first time at a do like this, but he's left in the foyer, which already breaks the agreement they made.

Serena isn't pleased that Commander Lawrence didn't ask the others about a better service. He says the sentiment is that Fred was a traitor.

June is doing some indoor gardening. It's board game night, which reminds June of playing Scrabble with Fred. The air rushes through her ears as she remembers being raped again.

June chats with Rita about Serena going between Gilead and Canada like she's a queen. When will she get what she deserves? Rita says she may not have been a handmaid, but she struggles too. Every fucking day.

Moira asks, "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

While out in the foyer, Mark eyes Nick. Aunt Lydia arrives, and Mark says hello, calling her Aunt. She's a little put off. She enters the room to give her condolences to Serena Joy, also noting that god has seen fit to shine his light on her.

Esther wants to do something about their situation, but Janine tells her to just try to stay alive because to do otherwise could find them dead.

Angela runs freely and right to Janine. The two hug and say hello, making Mrs. Putnam very uncomfortable. But when Janine compliments her for Angela, Mrs. Putnam says she thanks God and those who brought her to them, making Janine smile.

Esther is introduced to Mr. Putnam. It's such a bizarre and awkward affair, made more awkward when he sends all the men and Aunt Lydia from the room. Esther begins to breathe heavily.

Mr. Putnam says she doesn't have to be scared. God sees her heart. Allow the gifts God blessed you with be seen by all others. That just means he wants to get to know her a little better. He plies her with chocolate but holds it with his fingers and airplanes it into her mouth with little hm hmm sounds. It's grotesque.

June is gardening again. Luke wonders if she's alright. She tells him that Serena knows she killed Fred. She tells him she sent him Fred's finger, which she cut off of him. She said she did it because she wanted her to know it was her.

Luke tries to get June to realize she's got to let go of Serena. Fuck her. June says it several times without conviction.

Serena interrupts the commanders in their special place. She wants to speak with them on behalf of her husband. Commander Putnam doesn't seem interested in her speaking. She wants to show Gilead to the world by making a big show of Fred's funeral, an international event broadcast across the globe.

Commander Lawrence interjects and Putnam slams him. This is going to get ugly! He's actually on Serena's side. If they have the big show, they'll look merciful, Nick says. They should honor his sacrifices. But why are Nick and Joseph on her side?

In the van on the way home, Esther is afraid. She doesn't want to get posted. Janine says get the commander to like her and she'll get pregnant faster. It's her only protection, Janine says, and Esther removes her hand from Janine's.

Commander Lawrence got them to say yes, and the preparations begin.

Nick meets Mark on a desolate, snowy road. They talk about June and Nichole. Mark is impressed with Nick's talent to fly under the radar like that. He thinks Nick should escape to America and have a real life.

June and Serena get dressed, one in white, the other in black.

Esther talks with Janine, saying it must be hard seeing her daughter and then leaving her behind. She stole some chocolate from the Putnam house. One little rebellion won't hurt.

Janine is still thrilled that she gave birth, even in her circumstances. Plus, you're treated the best when you're pregnant. Like a princess, she says.

Janine says she'll miss Esther, but maybe Aunt Lydia will let them be walking partners. Esther feeds them both chocolate. It's a bloody disaster.

Serena plays her role at Fred's coffin, prostrating herself upon it, tears streaming down her face. Commander Lawrence enters. Take as much time as you need; they can wait. She's ready. She stands at the casket and pulls the veil over her face.

June and Luke are at the ballet, while Serena puts on an entirely different kind of production. It's a funeral fit for a king but has so much darkness, reminding us of dictators of the past. The peasants border the streets while Serena and the casket parade by. Women's faces are hidden, while June, in white is in the open, free in a way they may never be again.

June and Luke are laughing and enjoying their date, but they're pulled out of their reverie with the funeral on a jumbotron in the city square. Does Luke finally understand the influence of these people? It's Hannah who stands beside Serena during the spectacle, her face plastered all around. Serena smiles.

The Handmaid's Tale
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The Handmaid's Tale Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Serena: I'm not much of a hockey fan.
Commander Lawrence: Oh, you'd love it. It's elegant yet brutal

Oh, look at us all, getting along like friendly diplomats, trying to bury the hatchet.

Commander Lawrence