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The revealing video from last week's episode ends up a dead end for Detectives Linden and Holder. The girl in the video is actually Sterling and she tells Linden that, recently, Rosie spent most of her time skipping school to catch the 108 bus, possibly to meet a secret boyfriend.

Linden looks for evidence that Rosie had a secret boyfriend and finds a bunch of letters from her teacher, Bennet, hidden in her globe lamp. Holder follows the bus route and finds out that Rosie went to the Seattle All Stars Program with Bennet.

Mitch cannot believe her daughter would keep secrets from her, but is comforted by kind words about her daugher from her teacher, Bennet. Stan's shady past is slightly revealed this week when he borrows money from a mob-like former friend to pay for the funeral costs.

Councilmen Richmond enlists the monetary support of a local businessman, Thomas Drexler, who hates Mayor Adams. At the same time, he plants Jamie in the Mayor's office to find out if the leak was planted by his rival.

The Killing
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The Killing Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Tell her that. Tell her you didn't kill her.


You don't seem like the type that shares your toys.