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On this week's episode of The Killing…

Gwen blackmails her father and demands that he get a federal warrant for Linden and Holder to search the casino.

The FBI searches to no avail, but Linden secretly hides the bloody keycard in order to discover who it belongs to.

Mayor Adams tells Richmond that he knows about his attempted suicide and threatens to expose him unless he withdraws. Richmond instead gives a speech letting everyone know that not only he didn't kill Rosie, but attempted suicide.

Janek tells Stan that he needs to kill one of the men that's been talking to the police or he will hurt his family.

Stan instead threatens the man and tells him to leave town.

Alexi kills Janek for the revenge of his father.

Linden and Holder believe that the keycard belongs to Mayor Adams but discover that instead it belongs to one of Richmond's staff: potentially either Gwen or Jamie.

The Killing
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