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Connor is reeling from Charlotte's kiss and she runs out on him, embarrassed and horrified.  Connor goes straight to the Scienetics Center to start his detox and he tells Roxanne about the kiss.  She tells him she'd like to "direct Charlotte" back into the religion's good graces, but that would mean Connor can't see her.  He decides that won't work for him, but later finds out through Roxanne that Charlotte has chosen to work on herself in Colorado without so much as a goodbye to him. Connor later tells Raquel he used to burn himself and that he's ready to finally be okay. 

Raquel wakes up with Mark and quits the credit card fraud.  Mark wants to take her to Palm Springs and fires her.  Meanwhile, she gets ready for a fundraiser to support Cam and Kevin's film.  As the trailer plays in the background, Raquel wonders where Mark is and we find out that he's getting arrested for the credit fraud scheme Raquel participated in. 

Kal is blackmailed by Infinite Jest and hands over 5 million dollars to protect his sexual preference.  Later, Kal's father has another stroke, is pronounced brain dead and Kal unhooks all the machines after saying his goodbyes.  He then collapses in Christopher's arms.  He writes a letter to his deceased father declaring how important the truth is and then comes out.  He posts the letter to his blog with Christopher's support. Rook is furious with Infinite Jest and doesn't trust that destroyed the hard drive.  The last moment of the finale includes him shooting and presumably killing Infinite Jest to protect Kal. 

Beth fights for custody for Simon, but her efforts are futile.  After realizing that she can't do anything and that her father may not have bad intentions, she makes a decision to leave Los Angeles for the Yukon and go to college out there to be close to Simon. 

Abby says goodbye to Grey and finds out he's going to Germany.  After Ron quits and Abby goes on a terribly degrading audition, she comes to home to find a tape from Grey.  After listening a few times, she heads to the airport and books a flight to Germany.

Sabrina ends up booking the Will Arnett sketch show and has to immediately relocate to New Orleans for the next 10 months.  Nick and Sabrina don't want to break up, but when Nick tells her he'll move to New Orleans to join her, Sabrina tells him he needs to keep working harder on his career.  We see him doing stand-up as the show ends. 


The L.A. Complex
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The L.A. Complex Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Oh, and I've always wanted to say this. You've got 24 hours.

Infinite Jest

So, Kaldrick King is a faggot. Shoulda known. No one spends that much time rappin' about banging bitches and killin' snitches unless they're compensating for something.

Infinite Jest