Who cares? That's the job. You wait for us and then we stare at you and if we don't like what we see, we move on. You're not important. This isn't a noble pursuit. You're an actress, not a doctor.

Casting director

Kal: Just pay the kid his money and get the hell out of my life.
Rook: Everything I've ever done I've done to protect you.

Are you here for beautiful girl or ethnic friend? [looks at Abby] We'll say ethnic friend.


Raquel: You're a little much, aren't ya?
Mark: A little bit, yeah.

No one needs actors, but everyone needs a mattress.


Connor: Charlotte kissed me.
Roxanne: She kissed you? She kissed you how?

Oh, and I've always wanted to say this. You've got 24 hours.

Infinite Jest

So, Kaldrick King is a faggot. Shoulda known. No one spends that much time rappin' about banging bitches and killin' snitches unless they're compensating for something.

Infinite Jest

You give me all this talk about how safe and low profile this credit card scam is and you show up driving the time machine from Back to the Future!


Dawna: I'm sorry...I don't...I thought...I don't know what I thought. I hope Walter's okay. Bye, Sean. [To Christopher] It was nice meeting you.
Christopher: Yeah, you too.

Abby: Why did we get married?
Grey: Because we want to spend the rest of our lives together.
Abby: I don't even know your last name.
Grey: It's Sanders and technically it's your last name too. Unless you want to keep your own.

Kal: What if he dies?
Christopher: He won't die.
Kal: But what if he does? He'll still have no idea who I am.
Christopher: So tell him.

The L.A. Complex Quotes

Abby: Filipinos 4:13.
Donald: It's Philippians. Not Filipinos.

Raquel: I hate nature.
Connor: You can't call this nature. There's a Coffee Bean like a hundred meters away.