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Carol wants to take family pictures. Gail is on board until she hears about the matching outfits. 

Lewis thanks Tandy for inspiring him with their trip to Seattle. 

Todd is still concerned about Melissa, He wants to talk and finds her with a baby strapped to her chest who she may or may not believe is real. She's upset that he doesn't want to make a baby with her and breaks up with him.

Erica finds Lewis trying to learn how to fly.

Carol tries approaching Gail on her own but interrupts her alone time and the two end up fighting again.

Tandy checks on Melissa who immediately asks him to have a baby with her. Tandy says no and runs back to Todd who then informs him she did the same thing to Lewis. Tandy is upset Melissa asked Lewis first.

The power randomly keeps going off and on. Tandy and Lewis investigate and find that they're powering all the buildings in the complex, not just theirs. They decide to cut the power off to the others.

Unfortunately Gail is searching for a new hideaway and ends up in one of the other buildings. She's in the elevator when the power is turned off. Carol goes looking for her and grows concerned when she can't find her.

Todd tries to talk to Melissa again but ends up upsetting her even more.

The Last Man on Earth
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The Last Man on Earth Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

It's like Christmas day and I got all the presents I asked for.


Your smile is super infectious, like the virus.

Tandy Miller