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The season finale picks up where the last episode left off. Tandy and Mike get out of the truck and ask the rest of the gang why they are moving. The others tell them about what they found in the house, and Mike found a gun hidden outside that they had missed. Carol asks if they found people on their trip, and Tandy tells them no. Mike and Tandy show them the goats they brought back, and when he lets the goats out, they run away. 

The gang says goodbye to the house with their traditional funeral. Tandy gives a speech, and Todd and Gail play a song. Melissa also gives the house a 21 gun salute. The gang will be moving to Cancun. Gail pressured them into moving there, and the gang finally relented. Tandy then instructs everyone to put on hard hats and goggles for when they blow up the house. Carol spots the goats and yells for Tandy to wait, but it's too late. 

Todd is shocked that they're going to leave Jasper behind. Melissa tells him she left Jasper a self driving car with the coordinates for Cancun so he can meet them there if he wants. Carol walks up with a sleep apnea mask on, and they ask her why she is wearing it. Carol says she is wearing it because pregnancy has changed her sleep apnea into full-time day apnea. She is wearing sunglasses to up the cool factor of the mask. Todd and Melissa lie and tell her it is working. 

Mike is leaving the truck behind because it did its job and brought him back to his brother. Plus, it is full of goat pee. Tandy says they are going to pick up more goats where they found the first two then will get on a vehicle to drive to Cancun. Tandy gets them a trolley to ride on the back of a semi-truck because he thinks it will be more fun. 

On the trolley, Todd and Melissa do their "Shawshank Redemption" routine to say goodbye to Zihuatanejo. They then move on to the movie "Se7en." Tandy cuts into their kiss to ask them to keep the PDA to a minimum because Mike is lonely. He says that he and Carol are shaking hands whenever they want to kiss. Todd and Melissa agree. Tandy asks if Todd will give him a friendship kiss. Todd says of course, but Tandy tells him it was a test and Todd failed. They shake hands before Tandy walks away. 

Gail tells Erica that the last time she was on a train, she was smuggling endangered turtles. Erica is upset about the lack of food they brought. Gail tells her not to worry because they are going to get the goats. The goats are not there anymore, but the rest of the gang is excited about the avocado and orange trees. Mike tells them to all stay there while he and Tandy search for the goats. Tandy and Carol go to kiss as they say goodbye but then remember to shake hands. 

Tandy and Mike walk around the arm to look for goats while singing. Mike tells Tandy that he and Carol can kiss in front of him. Mike tells him he is fine. While walking, Mike and Tandy spot a house. They go to the house and open the door. Tandy says it reminds him of Grandma's house. Mike then asks him to leave. 

Mike and Tandy return to the gang. They are sitting around a fire and eating something Carol made that they actually enjoy. They tell them about the house, and Tandy says it could be a place to stay while they wait for the goats. They ask how long they want to wait for the goats, and Tandy says it could provide food for them forever. Gail says she is not waiting around forever. 

Tandy cannot sleep and decides to go on a walk with his "dog." He goes to the house and looks around. He sees the pictures and the marks on the wall marking a child's height. He sits in a chair and asks his "dog" to fetch. When he pushes on the remote for it to move, the robot no longer works. The batteries have eroded. He goes to bury the dog, and as he is digging, a real dog comes up and starts barking at the dog robot. Tandy tries to calm the dog down, but it runs away. Tandy tries to chase it. The next morning, Tandy goes back to the gang and sees all of the goats. They are all excited, and Gail is ready for Cancun. 

The gang loads all the goats into the train, and they head out. Tandy is driving and is sad to be leaving. He and Mike stop the truck when they see the dog. The dog walks away, and the gang sitting in the train car all shout "Cancun" and ask why they are stopping. Tandy gets out of the truck and runs back to his dog robot to finish bury it. The gang asks why he is digging a grave. He says he's digging it for him. He wants to be buried there when he dies years from now. Tandy says he wants to live there because it has fresh water and fruits. Erica says it is in the middle of nowhere, but Tandy argues that Cancun will be full of dead bodies and stores where all of the supplies have been picked clean. Tandy says they will have to leave Cancun in 6 months. He says the expiration date on the way they've been living has passed, but he thinks they can make a nicer life in this area. Everyone agrees to stay with Tandy, but Mike looks disappointed. 

The gang eats goat meat that Carol cooked, and Tandy asks Mike if they can talk. Tandy hands him the key to the truck and disconnected the train so that Mike can leave. He tells Mike he won't be happy here and tells him to go see what is out there. The next morning, Mike says goodbye for now. Tandy cuts off the rat tail on his hair and gives it to Mike as a parting gift. He tapes it to the back of Mike's head. Tandy tells him to pull on it when he feels lonely and know that Tandy is always with him. Mike rips out of a few armpit hairs and gives them to Tandy. They hug before Mike leaves. 

Tandy goes to the train car, and Carol comforts him. Mike drives the truck and begins petting the rat tail. The gang starts to get all of their stuff situated, but Todd and Gail tell them to come look. Tandy is too excited and doesn't go out with the rest of them. Finally, Carol convinces him to come out. He walks out and they are surrounded by the people who came out of the hatch in the penultimate episode of the season. 

The Last Man on Earth
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The Last Man on Earth Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

Carol: Well, how was your trip? Did you find any people?
Tandy: Hate to say it, Carebear, but we're all still fighting a raging case of HPV. Human people vanished.

Tandy: What do you mean we're moving?
Todd: The house is filled with dead bodies sealed up in the walls. It's like a gingerbread house made of corpses, bud.
Erica: And guns! All over the place. You'd swear we were still in America.