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Erica walks into the nursery and asks Todd what is up. Todd quickly covers up the hole so he doesn't have to tell her what is going on. Erica asks what the overwhelming smell in the room is. Todd tells her he farted. He tells her to leave the room because he has a feeling that the gas will continue all day. He tells her to let the others know to stay away until he gives the all clear. She leaves. Todd begins breaking the wall to try to see more. 

On the road, Mike and Tandy are enjoying karaoke time together. Tandy continues to offer Mike a "refreshing lemonade," but Mike knows it is Tandy's pee. Tandy tells Mike not to spoil his appetite because he might make some Rolos for him soon. Mike asks if Mom and Dad did something to Tandy when he was little. Mike gets quiet. Tandy asks him if he is thinking about the blob. Mike says he is, and Tandy tries to remind him that there is little chance that it is people. 

Todd has made a hole in the wall. He continues to ax through the dry wall so that he can walk through it and try to find answers. 

Tandy and Mike come upon a bunch of orange and avocado trees with fruit on them, and Tandy wants to stop. Mike tells him to keep going. He keeps driving but then stops when they discover a bunch of goats in the trees. 

Todd climbs through the drywall into a small tunnel. He walks through it and appears shocked. 

Tandy is excited about the goats, but Mike wants to keep going towards the heat signature. Tandy thinks the goats are the heat signatures, but Mike doesn't think it is. Tandy reminds Mike what a big deal the goats are. They have barely found any livestock since the virus. Mike tells him they will come back here after they look for the heat signature. Tandy is afraid they will be gone. Mike tells him the goats aren't going anywhere. Tandy says he will not leave the goats. 

Todd goes to Carol, Gail, Melissa, and Erica to tell them what he found. He tells them he found some murdered corpses in the walls, but he also found something else he wants them to see. He tells them he took care of the corpses and convinces them all, except Carol, to go with him to the room. In the room, he has duct taped all the corpses into various positions and given them names. He tells the girls to think of them as people. 

Back at the goats, Mike suggests they find a boy and girl goat so they can have a goat starter kit and then go. Mike and Tandy can't find any goats with penises. Mike gives Tandy a hard time about his small penis.  Mike finds a goat with a penis and tells Tandy to catch it. Tandy starts chasing it around as all the goats run in circles. 

Todd shows Melissa, Gail, and Erica the room he found with millions of dollars and many guns hidden back there. They also find some cocaine. Gail tries it and is able to tell them exactly what type it is. Erica then finds a container full of grenades. Todd says it looks like the grenade paperweight they have in the house.

Mike sits in the back of the van and gives Tandy directions to the heat signature over the walky talkies. Tandy sits up front with the goats they caught. Tandy drives slowly towards the heat signature so they don't freak anyone out. Mike tells him to stop. They get out of the van and don't see anything. Mike is upset. Tandy tells him they should head back to the group. Mike tells Tandy that no one is waiting for him. He asks Tandy to give him a second. 

Todd, Melissa, Erica, and Gail try to figure out if the grenade paperweight is real or not. Todd picks it up by the handle, and the women yell at him. Melissa grabs the grenade and says she will check. She pulls the ring and throws it off the balcony. There is a small delay but then it explodes. Melissa tells them they will be fine if they stay out of that room and don't pull the pins out of the grenades. Gail suggests they do a sweep of the rest of the house, just in case there are other grenades lying around. 

Mike has been sitting for a while staring at the place where he thought people might be. Tandy walks up to him. Mike gets up and says they can go home. 

The sweep of the house unveiled tons of hidden cocaine, guns, dynamite, and grenades as well as 5 severed heads. Erica then finds more dynamite hidden in the fireplace. Carol says she needs music to brighten her mood, and she begins playing the piano. Gail stops her from playing because no one had checked the piano. Gail opens the top of the piano and finds dynamite inside of it. 

Tandy and Mike head home with the goats. Mike is clearly upset. Tandy says he understands how Mike is feeling. He remembers wondering why he survived when no one else did. He once didn't want to live anymore. He was about to kill himself when he met Carol. Tandy tells Mike not to give up hope because one day, Mike will figure out what the answer is. 

Tandy says Mike's reason might be non-human. He tells Mike it might be his purpose to mate with goats in an attempt to get Mike to smile. He tells Mike he needs to figure out his singing chemistry with the goat first. Tandy holds the microphone up to the goat, who makes a noise into it. Tandy then begins singing "Barbara Ann," and Mike smiles and starts singing along. 

Back at the house, the group uses Tandy's dog robot to hit the key on the piano to try to explode the dynamite. Melissa has the dog hit the wrong note so she tries again. There is a delay again before it explodes and starts a fire. 

Tandy tells Mike he thinks living with the gang will be good for Mike. Mike agrees. They pull up to the house, and the gang is outside. Carol announces that they are moving. 

In the back of the van, the heat signature computer starts flashing. Then, we see the desert where Mike was sitting. A manhole cover in the ground that blends in with the ground starts to rise and a man wearing a gas mask comes out of it. He looks around then more and more people start coming up from the hole in the ground. 

The Last Man on Earth
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The Last Man on Earth Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Erica: What's that smell?
Todd: What smell?
Erica: The overwhelming one currently in the room.
Todd: Oh that...that smell. You know, look Erica I'm not going to lie to you. I farted. This is one of those weird cases where you smelt it but I'm the one who dealt it. You know, it's a real axiom buster.

Ever since I was a kid, I've had a fear of being scared.