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Biscayne Bay, FL, 13 days ago: Sorensen has landed at the shore, and is accepted by other survivors.

The Commander and some crew members scour the White House for intel.

Dr. Scott makes an entry in her video diary detailing the success at the Baltimore lab. 

Lt. Foster and the Commander discuss her future in CIC.

The Commander checks on Alisha in sick bay.

XO and the Commander talk about the need to resupply in Norfolk, and how the crew is holding up.

The senior crew goes over the encrypted data from the White House with Dr Scott. There is also a video from the SecNav, and they find out there is a network of labs set up to help produce and distribute the cure. 

Comms is contacting the labs, but not all are responding. Norfolk isn't responding, but Dr. Scott's mentor is at a lab in Flordia.

Biscayne Bay, FL, 9 days ago: everyone on the beach is dead except for Sorensen.

Rachel questions Tex about where he went, and he tells her about his daughter. 

The senior officers fill the crew in on the plan to find doctors and scientist and get the cure to labs. Crew with family in Norfolk will be given the chance to search for them.

At the Norfolk shipyard, a SEAL signals the Nathan James, and the crew connects with military forces at the base. The lab has been moved, and the military has been trying to restore order in the city.

Chandler speaks to a group of pilots who will be sent inland to spread the cure. 

Jeter speaks to Alisha about her misplaced guilt.

Ashley makes friends with Quincy's daughter as the parents discuss the impact on their kids.

Crew members go looking for their families. Kara finds her mother.

Port St Lucie, FL, 3 days ago: Sorensen is sleeping outside a campsite when a man with a gun confronts him over why he's not sick. 

Dr. Scott video chats with her mentor, and the crew tracks the flights that were sent out. 

A team led by XO and Tex come upon an abandoned camp groung and find a photo album of Slattery's family.

Kara is in disbelief at how her mother has handled the crisis, and she and Danny discuss their relationship.

Jeter updates Chandler on the crew's efforts, and they go over whether families should be allowed aboard or not.

Garnett meets with Chandler, and relates finding her family's names in hospital records. 

Port St. Lucie: the survivor's camp that Sorensen has stumbled upon has become a religious cult.

Chandler returns to his house with his family. 

Slattery visits his home with Tex. He makes the decision to stay with the crew instead of searching for his family.

Chandler explains that the Nathan James is a target, and tells his family that he's going to resign his commission to stay with them. Ashley tries to get him to reconsider. 

Foster says goodbye to her mother at the bowling alley. Debbie figured out Fosters secret about Danny and the baby.

Chandlers father also tries to convince him to stay with the Nathan James.

Slattery leaves a box of vaccines with a note for his wife in his kitchen. 

The crew arrives back at the ship as it's being resupplied. Chandler says farewell to his family. 

Chandler visits Alicia in sickbay, and promotes her. 

The Quincy's are sent to live next door to the Chandler family.

The zealot leader discuss the Nathan James and the cure, and Sorensen confirms the rumor. He asks what they'll do to stop the spread of the cure. 

The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

The main thing is that they're with you now. That's what makes them feel safe.

Kelly Tophet

And let me tell you something else. We are more than just survivors! We are more than our grief, we are more than our loss, and we are more than our pain! We were spared for a reason, we were spared because we were put on this earth to do something more! We were spared because were special...because we are the rightful inheritors of the Earth! This is our destiny...because we are the chosen!