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Nora begins with her video. They want her to sound more convincing.

She'll have to hold her breath for 30 seconds while she's irradiated and sent...elsewhere.

Matt writes her a funny obituary, a Mattlib.

It's time. Nora disrobes and walks into the truck, enters the egg, recalling all the while the last moments before her family departed. The egg fills up and Nora gets ready to hold her breath but screams out at the last second.

The blue sky and the birds. We're back at the beginning.

After hearing a man named Kevin is looking for her with a photo, Nora prepares to go on the run.

Before she gets packed, there is a knock on her door. It's Kevin. He completely throws her off guard by talking about meeting her at the dance at the high school, wandering around Australia on vacation and wanting to, after all this time, ask her on a date. To a dance on Main Street. She tells him to go, and he does.

Visibly shaken, Nora grabs a cigarette then gets back onto her bike. The nearest payphone is in the middle of a field on a dirt road. She calls Laurie. She's alive!!

Laurie and Nora made a pact the two wouldn't share about each other's lives and she's kept her end of the bargain. She has no idea how Kevin got there or why he's pretending none of it happened. But Laurie also knows Nora wants to go to the dance.

Later, Nora begins bathing and such. In doing so, she inadvertently locks herself in her bathroom. She doesn't let that stop her, though, body slamming it to get out.

Jill married a great guy. They have a one-year-old daughter. Tom's marriage didn't work out.

Kevin had an undiagnosed condition all his life that led to a heart attack and a pacemaker.

Kevin and Nora dance. It's filled with emotion. Nora can't do it. It's untrue. She leaves.

When she gets home, none of her birds are there. She climbs onto the roof. Nothing.

Back onto her bike, she goes to the convent. Some guy was climbing out of the upstairs window and down to his bike.

Nora is angry as hell that a nun is sleeping with someone and angry at the lies. She rides off down the road and wrecks her bike. She rolled over beads in the street and discovers the goat who was covered in them stuck on the hillside, strangling.

She removes the beads from his neck, transferring them to her own and takes him home. There is still no sign of her birds.

Outside, the goat is eating all the notes. Nora brings him some real food. Then she sits to read the notes as Kevin arrives.

He tells her the truth. He never believed Matt that Nora was dead. So every year Kevin uses his two weeks of vacation to search for her. He couldn't stop, despite his desires to the contrary. When he finally saw her, he decided to erase it all to give them another chance.

Nora revealed Kevin was right. She needed a way to get her kids back. She went through. Over here, we lost some of them. Over there, they lost all of us. Nora went to find her kids. It took her a long time to get there. she finally did. She walked through Mapleton. She realized she didn't belong there. So she looked up the physicist who created the machine and asked him to create another one.

Nora thought if she told him what happened, he wouldn't believe her. But Kevin doesn't doubt Nora the way she doubted him.

And just like the end of Contact, Kevin and Nora connect for the very first time, and her love birds come home.

The Leftovers
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The Leftovers Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Matt: Is that a person?
Doc: That's a fossil. The person is gone.
Nora: Maybe they'll let you keep mine.

My name is Nora Elizabeth Jamison Durst. I was born on November 11, 1979. This is a copy of today's paper because today is the day I'm leaving to be with them. I'm leaving to be with them, Erin and Jeremy. I'm ready to go now.