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Nora and Kevin are taking a bath together, discussing how they want to be interred. For her, cremation. For him? Stuffed. But she wants to put a beard on him if she acquiesces to that one.

Senior wakes after what Laurie did to them all. Kevin is back, but where? Oh, on the seesaw, face under the water.

Kevin has his list of requests from those around him. He's ready to go under.

He comes ashore on a beach. He's Mr. Harvey. Dog Killer greets him, smashing all the reflective surfaces in his bungalow. He has a new mission.

In return, he has some demands. He lists off all the people he has to meet, including Christopher Sundae, the Prime Minister of Australia.

Who is in the ear piece? God. He reminds Kevin what he told him on the bridge. Kevin is the most powerful man in the world.

When Kevin looks into the reflective surface, he is suddenly in white, with a beard, talking to a group all dressed in white. He's the President of the United States.

An essay contest held across the world was won by William Playford. He won with Why I Don't Need a Mommy and Daddy Anymore.

Kevin asks why he's not wearing any shoes. But the President said there is no family.

Evie steps up in red, singing the Captain and Tenille, Love Will Keep Us Together.

The other Chief of Police Kevin is a guard for Kevin.

Kevin is being taken to a bunker where his unique biometrics will allow him to enter.

While talking to Evie and before arriving at his destination, Kevin begins spitting up water. He rolls down the window and water rushes in.

He's being taken into Grace's house. He delivers the messages.

Kevin is at the biometrics area. He gets his eyes scanned and then his penis. Anyone can copy your eyes, but they're not going to go to that length.

Kevin gets into the bunker to see his secretary of defense, Patti. She chats with him about DEFCON 3. They need to go to DEFCON 1. Patti freaks when Kevin says he has to speak with Christopher Sundae first.

The vice president Meg needs to speak with Kevin. They chit chat about launching the nukes at Russia so they can end the world and give the people what they want.

Meg brings up the Fisher Protocol. Since the volunteer who has the launch key sewn into his heart isn't here, then they aren't ready to do it. Except the volunteer is coming in 15 minutes via the east entrance. It's the President's

Special Agent Kevin comes into the building and Meg saves him from the Secret Agents. She says they don't want the world to end. It's all a lie. Now black suited Kevin wants to speak with the Prime Minister of Australia. So confusing!

Kevin finally learns there is NO song to stop the rain.

President Kevin is angry. He's trying to find himself. He tells Patti he wants to go home, and she calls him on that. If he wants to be home, why does he keep coming back? She talks about working out his internal contradictions with himself, and in walks himself.

Patti unhoods the new Kevin, laughs and sings "The Kevins" identical Kevins, different in every way, blah blah...

There was a book the two were writing, a love story. It didn't end well. Both of them were crying, but Secret Agent Kevin gave up his life so they never had to come back there again. It's time to blow up that world Kevin created in his head, whether it's real or not.

The missiles rain down as the two hold hands and watch.

Kevin wakes up the day after the great rains wrapped in a tarp inside the church. John and Michael are sleeping beside him.

Kevin joins Senior on the roof of Grace's house.

The Leftovers
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The Leftovers Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

John Stand back! Give him some air!
Kevin: I was just with Evie.
John: You saw her?
Kevin: I delivered your message.

God: Do you remember, Mr. Harvey, what I said to you that night on the bridge?
Kevin: You said I was the most powerful man in the world.
God: Goddamned right you are.