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Eve goes to visit an old friend, Sam Denning, and is surprised when the Librarians turn up in the same place to investigate the same thing: the disappearance of one of Denning's campaign staffers. Denning demands answers when the young woman's body turns up, falling out of a demonic portal right in front of them.

They realize that Denning's opponent, Keating, has a long-standing contract with a devil named Cecilman and there is an impending disaster. Their plan to destroy the contract goes awry when Denning foolishly takes over the contract with the goal of being a hero.

The Librarians realize that there will be a gas main explosion at a campaign rally in the town square. The three Librarians attempt to disable the gas, but are trapped inside the vault due to the magics of the contract. Gas begins to fill the vault.

Denning realizes how foolish he was and hands the contract over to Eve, who informs Cecilman that she wants to make a deal in place of Denning. Meanwhile, Jenkins saves the Librarians and the defensive magics of the contract can't hurt him because he's unkillable.

As soon as the Librarians are safe, Eve tells Cecilman that she wishes he was human. He is immediately stripped of all his powers and the day is saved

Back at the Library, the Librarians recover from their gas exposure, and Jenkins tells Eve that Guardians aren't there to protect the Librarians' bodies, but to save their souls from being corrupted by the lure of magic.

The Librarians
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The Librarians Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Oh, now you can tell lies that aren't lies? Wow you really *are* a politician!


Jake: Get ready for Chupacabra jerky!
Cassandra: Ew, you're cooking it?!
Jake: [excited] No, he's making it! The Chupacabra, he's *awesome*!
Ezekiel: [dubious] Is that *safe*?
Jenkins: As long as we keep it away from the goats on Level Four.
Cassandra/Ezekiel: [simultaneously] We've got goats?!