Baird: You're nice and cute and completely crazy.
Flynn: Well, two out of three ain't bad.

Baird: You left.
Flynn: I didn't mean to. And I'm never leaving you or The Library again.

Flynn: You need to brace yourself -- Nicole is evil.
Baird: Ya think?

You should have just forgotten. You're not going to like what happens next.

Nicole [to Baird]

Cassandra: Stone. What are you doing?
Jacob [pulling off his shirtsleeves]: It just doesn't feel right.

We are The Library. It lives and breathes inside each and every one of us.


I love The Library and I love Baird, and I'm ready.

Flynn [to Nicole]

I'm sorry. I should have specified. I wasn't asking [him to come with her.]

Nicole [to Flynn]

Baird: Does this company have a name?
Jacob: The Company.
Baird: Creative.

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Ezekiel, there is a life that is better than this.

Baird [to Ezekiel]

No, I will never forget!

Eve [to Nicole]

That's seven years bad luck.

Nicole [to Eve]

The Librarians Quotes

Eve: You call Excalibur, 'Cal'?
Flynn: We're friends. Best friends. Besties, really.

Eve: How did you know all that?
Flynn: I'm the Librarian.