Return to Fillory - The Magicians
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Eliot plays catch up with Quentin, Margo, Penny, and Alice. He wants to have a royal ceremony, but Penny thinks they should stick to hunting the Beast. Eliot ignores him, but whatever's in his goblet makes him hallucinate. He thinks his friends are trying to usurp him.

Quentin suggests maybe he was cursed. Then, Alice and Quentin each fall victim to a curse once they take their thrones. Penny tries to talk some sense into them, but they're plotting to kill Eliot. Alice plans to kill Quentin and Margo, too. Penny goes to Margo for help, but she's also plotting murders.

Marina worries trusting the Beast is a mistake. Julia insists she's got things under control because of the agreement they made.

Fen and Penny discuss the curse. He tasks her with making sure their friends don't kill each other and then he leaves.

Marina begins the spell to summon Reynard. Julia encourages her to act like she's feeling it. As she chants, the Beast takes Julia away. He doesn't want Reynard to sense her. Marina finishes the spell and leaves when nothing happens. 

Quentin and Margo battle. She releases her demon. Penny arrives and releases his. He tells Quentin and Margo he will take them somewhere safe. 

Julia thinks Marina ran away. The Beast points out that if he was Reynard, he would have followed her home rather than kill her where she summoned him. Sure enough, Marina arrives home, locks her doors, and Reynard appears beside her.

Penny and Fen gather the royals. Penny plans to kill them with a drug and revive them with adrenaline to get around the curse. But his hands start acting up, and Margo kills Quentin. The remaining three royals square off. 

Marina does her best to act like she's not afraid of Reynard. He taunts her that she's alone and no one will miss her when she dies. Then, he kills her cat. When she reacts and tries to do magic, he bites off her finger to stop her.

Margo is the last one standing. The curse drives her to kill herself as well. Once everyone is revived, Alice says it's time. She's running out of power. She also let her demon go. Quentin suggests using a simple, first year spell to distract the Beast. They all need to work together so Alice can finish him off.

Julia and the Beast get through the wards and he freezes Reynard. Marina spits on him. As Julia steps forward to kill Reynard with the knife, the Fillory magicians begin their spell. Penny arrives to grab the Beast, and ends up taking Julia, too. Marina and Reynard both dive for the fallen knife.

Quentin pulls Julia out of the way as Alice unleashes the spell. But she misses and the Beast flees. Penny takes Julia back to New York, but not back to where they left Marina and Reynard. The two argue. Julia breaks both of his chains so his magic stops working. She leaves him there.

Alice and Quentin take the carriage to the wellspring to search for the Beast while Margo and Eliot track down Ember for help. Quentin tries to distract Alice. He tells her that he wants to win her back once this is over. She's not impressed at first, but he gives a passionate speech about how much they've  both changed. He promises to be better. They kiss.

Ember isn't home because he's been at the wellspring. He gleefully informs the Beast that he went to the bathroom in it. Doing so rendered its power useless to the Beast. Quentin and Alice arrive on the scene as the Beast freaks out. He senses them and tries to kill Alice. Quentin jumps in the way. Alice attacks the Beast. Ember finds Margo and Eliot, but instead of helping, he sends them to watch the battle.

Alice is winning. But then her god power wanes. She lets the magic overtake her, the same way her brother did. Her friends watch in horror as she's swallowed by blue flames. The Beast attempts to kill Quentin, but Alice pops back up. She did it on purpose. She kills the Beast, but then she turns on her friends. To save Margo and Eliot, Quentin unleashes his demon on Alice.

Julia finds Marina dead.

Alice also appears to be dead. Eliot and Margo try to comfort Quentin.

The Magicians
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The Magicians Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Fen: Curses are tricky.
Penny: You don't say.
Fen: They usually end once they've run their course. And not before.
Penny: That doesn't help us. This one seems to want to run its course until they're all dead.

Surely someone has snuck into your office and dramatically stabbed a knife into a map to make a point, no?