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After being informed of the quest for the Seven Keys at the end of last week's episode, Eliot gets a jump start on his first mission, which takes him to an isolated island plagued by a mysterious and deadly flying creature. Before he makes his way there though, Eliot uses some of his kingdom’s last finances to fix up his fleet’s fastest ship that will help him reach his destination. Unfortunately, the Faerie Queen is interested in his endeavors, and casually inserts Fen and their rapidly aged up daughter, Fray, to join Eliot. Fray is there only to hinder whatever plans Eliot has up his sleeve, but once they are on the island and facing the beast, her knowledge--however mouthy she is--helps them uncover the secret to stopping the winged beast and acquiring the golden key. 

Meanwhile, the crew at Brakebills work to locate Mayakovsky and any potential batteries he may have left. When they ask Kady to tag along, she’s reluctant considering her history with Julia -- until Quentin brings Penny’s life into the mix and Julia shows her there is still magic in the world. When Josh is able to locate Mayakovsky through weird footage posted online, the four set out to find the magical batteries, but end up on a wild goose chase around the city tracking a mysterious woman they believe turned the Brakebills South professor into a bear. On their travels they run into an imagined dinosaur turned real at a children’s hospital and people engaging in “sex magic” in Central Park. They also bump into Alice, who is packing a mysterious cat and also looking for the batteries. As the team gets closer to finding Mayakovsky and the woman using his magic, Kady ends up getting her magical prayers answered. Quentin on the other hand gets caught by the thing hunting Alice. 
The Magicians
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The Magicians Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Emily: We met someone at a bar. Someone he owed something to.
Quentin: Maybe a battery?
Emily: I don’t know, honestly. It was a woman. Yeah, I really had to pee so I hit the ladies and I heard all this screaming. Next thing, he is hulking out of his clothes and he’s getting all hairy. He’s now full bear and he’s just tearing the place apart.
Quentin: But so you think it was that woman?
Emily: If it was and you find her, could you rip her fucking face off? Cause now I’m married to a zoo animal.

So we’re out of dough. Moola. Chedda. Money, people. Magic’s gone. We can’t even control the gold-shitting beetles anymore now that they’ve declared themselves free and disappeared. We’re about to be a third-world country on a planet with two-and-a-half countries.