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When Julia goes looking for Kady and the magical battery, she turns to Quentin for help. But since he's been taken over by the TK, he bows out to go hunt down Alice. That leaves Julia to find Kady holing up with Penny preparing for a ritual that should save the traveler's life. As we find it, it's a demon summoning spell that they're gonna need a lot more materials for. After Kady sends Julia out with a  list of things to collect, she returns and the two perform the summoning ceremony. A demon emerges to remove the poisonous cancer from Penny's stomach, but when Penny astral projects, it presents a major problem for his failing body. As Kady and Julia work on saving Penny, Alice must confront her past and the magical creature determined to kill her.

Upon arriving on her parents doorstep to help save them from the lamprey, she gets a less than warm welcome from her mother. Turning to her father, she reveals what's at stake before Quentin (taken over by the lamprey) appears. As the family attempts to hunker down and protect themselves from the magical creature, it leaves Quentin and looks for a host that matters more to Alice. Meanwhile in Fillory, Eliot is attempting to unlock the first of the seven key's power, but is rudely interrupted by a band of pirates who board their ship. When Margo learns of the pirate takeover, she cuts a deal with the Fairy Queen to get her to the boat in time to negotiate Eliot's release. When she arrives, Tick offers to steal her eye from the Fairy Queen while she works out the logistics with the pirate King. What Margo has to negotiate, however, is more significant than she realized and as her plans seemingly starts to unravel, developments push the High Queen of Fillory to prove why they call her The Destroyer. 

The Magicians
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The Magicians Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Penny: The only nice thing about losing magic? The radio signals in my head went out, too.
Kady: All’s quiet on the psychic front?
Penny: Yeah, you can get used to that.

Guard: Queen Margo, the Destroyer, my King.
Margo: You’re the pirate king?
Pirate King: As King, I get to be called whatever the fuck I want.
Margo: Fine by me. I’m here to motherfuckin’ parlay, Ms. King.
Pirate King: Maybe you and I could take a private cabin and parlay a thing or to on our own?
Margo: Yeah, I’m hot. You’re extremely hot yourself. But you just took over my goddamn boat. Which tells me you’re not one to pay attention to a safe word.
Pirate King: What’s a safe word?
Margo: Exactly.