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On The Magicians Season 4 Episode 13, the Brakebills students figure out how to contain The Monsters and save their friends but it has some consequences.

Penny-23 saves Julia first following the confrontation at the end of the last episode, but Julia's odd physiology means that she will be in pain for millenia unless The Binder transforms her. Penny-23 has to make the decision because Julia can't and he decides to revert her back to a human. 

Josh is no longer a fish and briefly gets fish magicks that all him to cross into the real of The Old Gods. The thing is that The Old Gods have no interest in helping, but a very helpful clerk tells them that they can be rid of The Monsters by dropping them in The Seam. The Seam in question happens to be in The Mirror World. 

They still have to get Eliot back though, and corner The Monster in the woods. With the help of a network of hedgewitches sphereheaded by Kady, they do some cooperative magic that will hold the incorporate bond until the vessels can be disposed of. 

Off go Quentin, Penny, and Alice to dispose of the vessels, but before they can toss the last one into The Seam, Everett shows up and breaks the mirror. Fortunately, Quentin knows his discipline now and casts a minor mending. Problem is the mirrors reflect the magics and both Everett and Quentin parrish. 

Quentin meets Penny-40 in the afterlife where he confronts some truths about his time on Earth and sees an emotional tribute his friends put on in his honor including an emotional performance of A-ha's "Take On Me." 

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Always gotta be a fucking twist.


Adorable. So determined. Maybe I'll keep you as pets!

Monster's Sister