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Marina gives the group a run down of her previous failed attempt to steal the world seed.

The group make alterations to the plan, which includes Marina talking them through the plan via a conductor spell.

However, things go awry when the spell causes them to burst into song and dance when they have intense emotions.

They decide to bottle their emotions and set out to rob the Couple.

Margo, Josh, and Fen are captured by Fogg 17, and Fen explains the Couple is translating the instruction manual wrong. 

Fen learns the Couple wants to build a new land to have a biological child.

Kady rescues Margo and Josh, and the rest of the gang convenes at the Couple's room.

The gang succeed in stealing the seed and escape from the Nave by hitching a ride from Santa Claus.

Julia and Penny go in search of Penny's mother Neela to figure out why mothers of travelers have psychic episodes while near their children.

They learn there is a magical tether between the mother and child.

Julia offers Neela a chance to get to know Penny and her grandchild by trying to find a way to sever the tether, but Neela refuses to go through all of that again, just as she did when Penny was a child.


The Magicians
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The Magicians Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Julia: Look, I get this is hard, OK.
Penny: Julia, no.
Julia: But we have to do everything we can in our power to make sure that our child has a better mother than you did.
Penny: He already does.
Julia: She might, if we can find out what happens to traveler moms, and the only one we can talk to is yours.
Penny: I don’t even know where she is.
Julia: I do. Connecticut, according to the locator spell.
Penny: OK, you realize you are getting more intense every day and impossible to argue with, and it is kind of scary.
Julia: Hormones dude. Enjoy the ride.

Marina: So boosting anything from that hotel without the harmonic convergence is a shit show. What makes you ducklings think you can do any better?
Fen: Well, for one thing you had bad information.
Marina: Remind me who in the Disney princess fuck you are.
Alice: She’s someone who can read this. It turns out it’s a form of Fillorian used in Ember worship.
Zelda: I really should have recognized it.
Fen: So according to the page, the world seed can only live when the temperature is 99 degrees with 99 percent humidity. The vault was freezing. There’s no way the Couple would keep it there. It would die.
Marina: This is so you guys. Top info, too late.
Margo: Wrong ‘cuz now we know where the seed isn’t, so us guys are doing this.
Eliot: Yep.