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Eliot, Margo, Josh, and Fen are "summoned" by energetic emanations of Ember and Umber on how to stop the dead from destroying Fillory.

Umber tells them he built an ark built that would pull Fillorians into a temporary pocket world before delivering them to a different world.

The group realize they could use this ark before destroying Fillory, to save all of its denizens.

They go looking for the ark at Umber's house and Fen finds it.

Meanwhile, Alice and Kady seek out Marina's help in finding the Couple and the world seed so that they can grow the world seed into a new Fillory.

A weirdly nice Marina, thanks to a synaptic block from a transhealer, informs the pair they would need the heist book to steal the world seed from the Couple, which is kept in a vault at a hotel called the Nave.

The trio's search for the heist book leads them to Marina's ex-girlfriend Anna, and Anna only gives them the book after Marina, who's had the block removed, lies about not being involved.

Elsewhere, Julia and Penny discuss what her pregnancy means for them and decide not to get back together.

Penny, who wants be involved in his child's life, is concerned when Julia keeps experiencing psychic episodes.

He later reveals his mother had aftereffects and the psychic episodes only got worse after his birth. 

Penny doesn't want to see the same happen to Julia.

In addition, Hyman has difficulty adjusting to having a corporeal form again.

Lastly, an escaped Fogg 17 steals the circumstance control panel for the Couple.

The Magicians
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The Magicians Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Penny: Your parents, were they magicians?
Hyman: No, dad was a door-to-door snake salesman.
Penny: Snake oil?
Hyman: No, and my mom worked at a brothel, you know just mopping.
Penny: Did she, uh, did she suffer from any mental problems, psychic stuff from being pregnant with you?
Hyman: Oh no, nothing like that. After the lobotomy, she mostly just sat on the porch and sucked at bits of hay. Other than that, she was the perfect mother.

Penny: Have you been to a doctor?
Julia: They don’t exactly have ultrasounds in Fillory.
Penny: Have you thought about what this means for us?
Julia: What do you want it to mean?
Penny: We broke up for good reasons. None of that has changed. My dad wasn’t around for long, my mom. Look, I’m not doing that to our kid. I want to be there for him. Her?
Julia: No clue yet. I want you to be there too.