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Marjorie, just coming back from her bridge game, is furious when she relives receiving a book from one of her friends, Goodnight Moon, that she can read to her soon-to-be grandchild. 

Marjorie just isn't ready to be a Grandma. She figured she had time, considering none of her kids were even married yet. 

Meanwhile, Jackie stops by and asks her parents if she can move into their upstairs apartment now that it's newly vacant. She can't stand living with her hoarder roommate any longer. 

Gerard and Sean enter and fight over the latest coaching moves which leads to Gerard firing Sean and Sean quitting. 

Jackie reminds Marjorie to come to her child birth class, but Marjorie forgets. While at the class, Jackie receives a pamphlet on all the things she cannot do while pregnant. Everything from no cured meats or soft cheeses, to no roller coasters, saunas or cleaning the litter box. 

Feeling down, the family decides to give up all the things Jackie has to during her pregnancy.

That didn't last long, the very next scene the rest of the clan is on a rollercoaster. Then they hit up the sauna. They end up next at a sushi restaurant and enjoy a meal and sake. 

Jackie, working her newest job touring people around Boston, sees the family through the restaurant window and gets angry with them. 

Gerard and Sean make up in the restaurant after seeing a photo of themselves on the roller coaster. 

Jackie updates her Facebook status to say pregnant and an orphan, while Marjorie puts out a tray of cured meats and soft cheeses. The family feels horrible for what they did, and end up going to her OBGYN appointment. 

While at the appointment, Jackie gets a sonogram and hears the baby's heart beat for the first time. The family is all there to witness it, and as soon as Marjorie sees the baby on the monitor, she is ready to be a Grammie. 

The McCarthys
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The McCarthys Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

She gave you a book!? Oh, I would say let's go give her a book, but we are better than that.


Can I just say, great preposition work!