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On the first Mentalist episode of 2011:

- Rigsby and his date attend a mixed martial arts fight where a cleaning woman finds Charlotte Mitchell, a writer, shot to death and stuffed in a locker.

- When Jane and Lisbon interview Charlotte’s father at his home, he has a massive heart attack and is rushed to the hospital.

- Ballistics show that the gun used to kill Charlotte matches a gun used by Joe Reyes in 2001.  Reyes says he gave the gun to his friend Dawn before he went to prison.  Dawn gave the gun to Mike Lopez who says he lost it, four years ago at club Narcissus.

- Jane tricks the fighters and promoter into thinking Charlotte had information about fight rigging in her notebooks but that it is written in a code that only her father can decipher.

- The CBI team stake out the hospital and catch Suge Lima, promoter Len Artesh’s assistant attempting to kill Mr. Mitchell.  Suge is carrying the gun used to kill Charlotte.

- Charlotte found out that Lima and Artesh had switched test results that showed fighter Manny Flacco had a cranial bleed and should not be allowed to fight.  With a two million dollar deal on the line, Artesh had Lima kill Charlotte in order to keep their secret.  Artesh owned club Narcissus and found/stole the gun from Mike Lopez years before.

- Agent LaRoche interviews Rigsby about Todd Johnson’s murder.  Todd was set on fire while being held at CBI. LaRoche points out that as a former arson investigator, Rigsby is an expert with accelerants and could have bypassed the CBI fire safety system.  He also asks Rigsby if he’s had any contact with his father, a criminal and former motorcycle gang member.  Rigsby says he has no contact with his father.

- LaRoche digs into Rigsby’s history and finds that he gave his father an alibi on a parole violation back in 2008.  Rigsby had said that Cho was with he and his father on that day but he lied.  Cho wasn't there.

- Rigsby tells Cho the truth and apologizes for using him to cover for his father.  LaRoche interviews Cho and asks him to confirm Rigsby story.  Cho lies and says he was there but refuses to answer any more of LaRoche’s questions. Although Cho covered for him, he is obviously upset with his partner.

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The Mentalist Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

These aren't the droids you're looking for.


Floyd: Police, aren't you?
Jane: How did you know?
Floyd: Police and fine woman always think they got a right to be wherever their at and you ain't no fine woman