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Let's rundown events on this week's installment...

- Abby Fitzwilliam goes missing from her grandmother’s wake.  Austin, her boyfriend is found stabbed to death.

- Abby’s mother, Pauline is a federal judge.  She believes that Raymond Tubbs had her daughter abducted.  Tubbs is a white supremacist & a bank robber.  She recently sentenced him to 40 years without parole.

- Cho interviews Tubbs in prison.  Tubbs accuses Howard Dreschler of kidnapping Abby for him.  Dreschler claims it isn’t true but confirms he was Abby’s dealer.  Abby had called him days earlier trying to buy drugs.

- Sophie, Abby’s sister witnessed Abby and Austin having a fight the day Austin was found dead.  Danielle, Abby’s best friend confirms that Austin was anti-drug and would have been very upset if he’d found out that Abby was using again.

- Jane believes Abby is dead and her body never left the estate.  He says Abby’s body is hidden inside the grandmother’s casket.  The casket is opened but Jane is shocked to find he was wrong.

- Later that night, Lisbon and Jane stake out the estate.  They catch the family doctor moving Abby’s body.  The doctor was supplying Abby with drugs in order to “treat” her addiction.  Abby overdosed and died.  Austin threatened to call the police and Dr. Saban killed him to cover up his crime.  He then hid Abby’s body in his room so no one would realize he supplied the drugs sure to be found in her system.

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Jane: Says our missing girl is an unstable nympho-maniacal stoner. Interesting.
Doctor: I didn't say that.
Jane: Yes you did. You practically screamed it.

Put your badge away. If she thinks we're cops she might run. I don't feel like running.