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Let's see what went down on The Mentalist this week, shall we?

- Rick Loomis was found dead in the back of his pickup truck. He was shot elsewhere and his body was moved. He had been prospecting for gold.

- Lisbon sprained her ankle and was stuck back at CBI. Hightower joined Jane in the field.

- Loomis was broke.  His girlfriend was about to leave him and he took his son’s college fund to buy equipment to continue his hunt for gold.

- Dean a local equipment salesman realized that Loomis had really found a gold mine. Dean felt that his family had been prospecting for generations and he deserved the gold over a new comer like Loomis so he shot him and moved his body.

- When Jane confronted Dean he was taken hostage. Hightower shot and killed Dean, saving Jane’s life.

- Hightower’s going through a messy divorce. Her husband dropped her kids off at CBI unexpectedly while she was in the field. Lisbon babysat. When Hightower returned, she was so grateful that she gave Lisbon a heartfelt hug.

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Ms. Mead: Rick didn't believe in guns.
Jane: He didn't think guns exist.
Ms. Mead: No, he didn't like them.

Jane: Maybe he died of happiness. Too much natural beauty, it's the Stendhal syndrome.
Sheriff Hughes: No. He was shot in the head.
Jane: Oh well. Nevermind.