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Let's go over the latest episode of The Mentalist:

- Justin, a witness in a case against drug lord Adrian Essex is shot and killed while being guarded by Van Pelt.  

- Justin’s daughter is traumatized and can’t remember what happened that night.  Since her mother committed suicide last year, she is in the care of her Aunt Jodie.  Jodie refuses to let Jane hypnotize the girl.  She says Justin abused his wife and she wasn’t there to stop it but she’s going to protect Trina now.

- Agent LaRoche investigates Van Pelt’s involvement in the murder.  She was knocked unconscious and doesn’t remember if she locked the door when she stepped outside.  LaRoche gives her an ultimatum.  If she wears a wire to incriminate her colleagues in the Todd Johnson murder, he’ll drop this investigation into her conduct.

- Adrian Essex wears an ankle monitor and appears to have an alibi.  When he is spotted outside of his home, Cho realizes that he has rewired a cell phone to give the same signal as the monitor, making it appear as though he hasn’t left his home.

- Trina is brought in for a lineup but doesn’t recognize anyone.  Jane tells everyone he’s hypnotized her and she will shortly reveal the killer.  Marshall Gorman tries to kill Trina at the safe house but Lisbon and Van Pelt stop him.  When he pulls a gun VanPelt shoots and kills him.  Turns out Gorman was Essex’s hired assassin.

- Van Pelt is cleared and tells LaRoche she won’t spy on her colleagues.

- Van Pelt tells Rigsby that her boyfriend Greg proposed and she accepted.  Rigsby is shocked but wishes her well.

- Trina begins to remember that she killed her father before Gorman could.  She found a matchbox her father kept from the motel where her mother’s body was found.  He claimed he had never been there.  Justin snaped and hit Trina.  He admitted to murdering her mother and threatened Trina with a gun.  When they struggled the gun fell, Trina picked it up and shot her Dad in self defense.

- Lisbon wrestles over whether or not to arrest Trina but in the end she decides not to press charges.

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The Mentalist Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Jane: Did you know that Nevada is both the marriage and divorce capital of the nation?
Lisbon: They should put that on a license plate.

Lisbon: Sweetie, it's all right. We're with the CBI.
Jane: I know it sounds made up but we have a website and everything.