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-Timothy Hartley is found dead in a field 100 miles from his home. He was shot and had his throat slit. On the way to the morgue, his body is stolen.

-Timothy believed he was abducted by aliens. He planned to use his wife's family money to start a foundation for other abductees. His mother-in-law was furious. She shot Timothy as he visited the field he claimed to be abducted from. When the bullet didn't kill him she slit his throat the way her father, a hunter had taught her to do for a wounded animal when she was a girl.

-The investigation into the stolen body uncovers a tissue harvesting black market run out of local funeral homes.

-Jane realizes that the M. E., Dr. Steiner is dying and the two bond. When Steiner decides to end his own life he asks Jane to be a witness so that an autopsy won't be necessary. Jane balks at first but then comforts the man as he slips away after taking an overdose of pills.

-Grace is busy planning her wedding in between case interviews.

-During a gun battle, O'Loughlin fails to come to Grace's rescue or cover Rigsby when he does. It is unclear whether this is a conscious choice or he simply freezes. Rigsby decides not to tell Grace.  

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

I know you have the doctor patient confidentiality thing. Lets not worry about that now.


Lisbon: Swear on your life?
Jane: On your life even.