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-John Flynn, the CEO of Symphony Matchmaking is found dead at the marina. He was shot twice in the chest.

-Flynn's current wife Erica, his ex-wife Kim, and Henry a disgruntled client are all suspects.

-Jane believes Erica killed her husband but she has an alibi. She was conducting a client interview and has it on dvd. The client confirms the time stamp.

-Jane proves that Erica's voice was actually pre-recorded but he can't get Erica's assistant, Peter to admit he played the recording while she snuck out. He's in love with Erica and believes she feels the same.

-Jane and the CBI team fake Peter's suicide. When Jane tells Erica she'll be haunted because of how much she cared for Peter, she laughs and says she felt nothing for him. Peter, who is really alive and listening then confesses to his role in her scheme.

-Jane tells Erica that she lost. She disagrees. A jury still has to convict her and most people aren't as smart as Jane.

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

Anything to stop you dating your co-workers.


Talk to me when your ex-husband remarries someone ten years younger and two sizes smaller.