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On this installment...

- Celia Jovanovich, an ex-junkie and member of the Visulaize cult is found strangled to death on a river bank.

- Kristina Frye who has been missing for four months, calls into a psychic radio show.  The call is traced and police find an empty padlocked room with a creepy doll and Red John’s logo painted in Kristina’s blood on the wall.

- Celia, the murder victim, was engaged but was having an affair with someone high up in the cult/church.  Church members performed a “Vent Video” every week in which they listed all of their wrongs.  Jane and Lisbon want those videos hoping that Celia named her lover.

- Visualize’s attorney, Julius Coles is vehemently against turning over those recordings and suspicions are raised. When Lisbon threatens to test his DNA against samples found on the victim, Coles confesses.  Celia was going to admit their affair to her fiancé and the church.  Coles’reputation would have been ruined.  He killed her in a fit of rage.

- Coles agrees to a plea deal.  He’ll do three years in exchange for testifying against Visualize in an FBI case.  He never gets the chance.  David, Celia’s fiancé shoots and kills him as he is being led away in cuffs.

- Jane accuses Bret Stiles the leader of Visualize of sending David to kill Coles.  Stiles denies it, then gives Jane an address connected to Red John.

- CBI finds Kristina Frye at the address.  She is in a catatonic state.  Kristina only speaks to Patrick, telling him she is really dead and he is talking to a ghost. Then, she again falls silent.

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Tell your boss, if she wants to catch bad guys, she should follow bad guys.


Jane: I'm getting bored.
Lisbon: Mr. Stiles is calling in every important person he knows to get us fired. It takes time.