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-Eve Mulbury is on trial for killing Carlos, her dance teacher with whom she was having an affair. Jane believes she's innocent and convinces Lisbon to help him prove it before the jury reaches a verdict.

-Grace and Rigsby uncover that Carlos was involved with criminal Terry Murphy, a man the original detectives never found.

-Rigsby notices that Cho is taking too many pills for his back pain.

-With Summer's help they arrest Murphy for identity theft crimes but Summer doesn't follow the plan and Murphy pushes her into a wall cutting her head.

-Cho fires Summer because she's too unpredictable. She accuses him of firing her because he likes her and she won't let him leave the elevator. Cho admits he likes Summer and she kisses him. He kisses back.

-Jane tells Eve and her husband that they've found a hidden camera at Carlos' and that Murphy has the video of the murder. 

-Amy, Eve's partner tries to buy the video off of Murphy and is arrested. She confesses that she killed Carlos and framed Eve so that she could take over their wine making business and grow it larger than Eve would allow.

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

What, justice isn't our problem?


There's my gut too but I wouldn't think you'd take that very seriously.