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-Fashion designer Wyck Theissen is found stabbed to death with a golden feather in his mouth that came from one of his dresses.

-Patrick tries to deduce if any of the suspects recognize the feather to find the killer but neither the Chinese mobsters, Wyck's despicable boss or assistant or his sleazy photographer have seen it before.

-As Jane is showing the feather to the photographer, Lisbon notices the horrified look on the model's face. Sasha killed Wyck when he told her she was too old to be the star model for his new collection.

-Wayne tells Cho and Grace that he and Sarah are having a baby. When Grace asks if they're getting married he says no. Grace offers her support as a friend.

-Agent Darcy still believes that Red John killed Panzer and continues her investigation. She meets with Rosalind and finds out that Patrick brought her to the morgue to identify Timothy Carter as Red John but that she didn't recognize him.

-Patrick tells Darcy he thought Rosalind was too distraught to want to believe Carter was Red John.

-Later, Rosalind calls Patrick to say that Roy (Red John) is with her and wants to clear things up. Patrick, the CBI, and FBI rush to the scene but Red John is gone. Rosalind is playing the piano and Mr. Eckar, the morgue attendant who showed them Carter's body is dead in the closet.

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Who can fathom the mind of a desperate man?


Cho: Fashion, really?
Rigsby: Beautiful women in nice clothes. What's not to like.