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-Gabriel Meadows an anti-cult activist who targeted cult leader Bret Stiles is murdered.

-Bloody clothes in a dumpster lead to Visualize leader. When brought into CBI custody, Stiles prods Jane about Red John. 

-Jane realizes that Stiles isn't the murderer but set himself up to find out who is trying to take over his place as leader of Visualize. 

-Jason Cooper takes over when Stiles is arrested but he's too weak to have committed the murder. Nora Hill, the Dean of the Visualize college backs Stiles but only because she knows he didn't do it. She did.

-She was feeding Meadows information about Stiles but when he threatened to out her she killed him to keep him quiet.

-Stiles attempts to seduce Grace to join Visualize but she tells him she's had her fill of bad boys and kisses him goodbye on the check.

-Stiles accuses Jane of proving his innocence so that he'd owe him. Jane agrees.

The Mentalist
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