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-JJ LaRoche shoots one of two robbers who break into his home and steal his Tupperware container from his safe. He asks Jane to find it.


-Jane's never looked in the container but the investigation turns up that LaRoche's mother was beaten and raped nine years ago. She begged her assailant to stop for two hours but he wouldn't. Three months later she committed suicide. The man was recently released from prison.


-The search leads to a leak at the CBI. Cho finds that Brenda once covered the robber who was a locksmith in a local paper where she was the managing editor. 


-The team sets up Brenda, who makes a phone call to warn a drug lord about a raid. When confronted, Brenda cuts a deal.  The team finds the Tupperware container in her desk but Jane won't let anyone open it. He returns it to LaRoche.  LaRoche doesn't know he's never looked inside.


-Lisbon finally tracks down the man who attacked LaRoche's mother. She wants to question him but can't. Just before his sentencing nine years ago, someone broke in, drugged him and cut out his tongue. They never found out who did it, or his tongue.

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 5 Episode 21 Quotes

I see you bought a new safe, I guess it's not safe enough.


Well, if you're going to get in a gun fight it's best to get in one with an arthritic shooter.