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-Missy Roberts is found shot to death in her bathroom. The killer even shot her through the foot.


-Missy and her husband Kip were seeing Buddy Hennings, a radio station's Love Doctor for help with their marriage. Kip was having an affair but didn't kill Missy.


-Grace and Wayne pose as a couple on the Love Doctor and end up admitting their feelings for one another. Grace stays behind to spend time with the doctor. She pretends to break a heel which sets off his foot fetish. He offers her a new pair of heels which were the murder victim's.


-Just then, Henning's wife comes in with a gun. She killed Missy because of her husband's obsession with her. Lisbon and Wayne arrest her. 


-Grace goes to Wayne's home. They kiss as she goes inside. 


-When Lisbon refuses to talk about the suspect's foot fetish, Jane prods her to reveal her personal turn ons. 

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

We've got a case. You can deal with Red John later.


You don't hire a personal trainer because you like strenuous activity. You hire a personal trainer because it's the only way to get yourself to do it.