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Grace Van Pelt is abducted from her hotel room. Richard Haibach is the prime suspect but comes to the FBI to taunt them with his airtight alibi.

When the FBI has to let him go, Risgsby and Jane abduct Haibach and trick him into taking them to where he's holding Grace.

Grace breaks out of the basement of a cabin in the snowing woods of Taos, New Mexico but is quickly picked up by Haibach's sister Hazel who duct tapes her and waits for Haibach.

When Jane and Rigsby arrive, Hazel's shotgun blast partially hits Rigsby, allowing Haibach to get his gun and shoot him. Then Haibach and Hazel take Jane and Grace outside. Grace is forced to watch while Haibach threatens to cut off Jane's fingers with an ax. 

A bloody, wounded Wayne comes out and manages to take the shot gun from Hazel and shoots and kills Haibach. 

Wayne survives and the friends gather at the hospital. Even though Abbott offers both Wayne and Grace positions with the FBI, they turn it down and look forward to civilian life with their children. 


The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

I understand how you're feeling right now, believe me but you are a father and you have children you need to see grow up. Besides, I think she's still alive.


Think about what you're doing. These are people I car a lot about.