On The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 7, Annette has a secret that Mindy discovers and doesn't know if she should tell Danny. Find out what Annette's secret is when you watch The Mindy Project online.

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When Mindy and Annette talk about shopping at a Castellano dinner, Mindy offers to take her out for the day. As they shop around a store, Mindy witnesses Annette steal an expensive jacket. Mindy is unsure how to tell Danny the truth about his mother, so she confides in Jeremy, who pushes her to keep the truth to herself.
As Peter and Abby begin their new relationship, Peter thinks she is perfect. But, after hearing some thoughts about Jeremy and his relationship, Peter begins to rethink the way he feels about Abby.
Will Mindy keep the secret from Danny? Is Annette going to fess up to the truth? Are Peter and Abby a relationship that will last?
Watch The Mindy Proect online now to find out.

Episode Details

On The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 7, Mindy learns a shocking secret about Danny's mother and struggles whether to tell him the truth. Meanwhile, Peter comes to a crossroads in his relationship with Abby.

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The Mindy Project
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The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Actually I hate brunch. But, if you're like the first brunch guy in the history of the world, we can go get some.


It's not against the law if everybody does it. It's like how I pretend to be in the Armed Forces so I can board a plane early.